Minnesota Real Estate Service

Fox Real Estate Group, since 2003, has helped people buy and sell homes.  We've helped investors buy, sell, rent, and exchange rental property. We've helped business owners buy, sell, rent, and lease commercial property.  Fox Real Estate Group is a genuine full-service, one-stop-shop.
Our experience with rental property goes back decades.  We have first-hand knowledge with rental properties with purchases, disposals, 1031 exchanges, renters, you name it, we've done it.  Rental property can be easy if you know the rules and have a good plan.  We can help.
Our residential home-selling services help home owners sell their house with service plans that range from flat-fee / fee-based service to full brokerage listing services.  Clients choose how much help they want from us, and commissions, if any, and fees, are based on the services requested.  We offer flexibility & choice.
Our residential home-buying services start with a very detailed questionnaire.  We want to know more about the things you care about (neighborhoods, schools, commute times, amenities, athletic associations, etc.).  A house can have many features.  A community adds so many more.  We want to know as much about what you and your family do and what interests you as much as how many bedrooms, bathrooms, & garage stalls you need.
Our commercial real estate services is where we started.  We're still doing it today, helping business owners find the best locations, amenities, and lease terms for the commercial space they need to run their business.  We negotiate for clients to help them save money, help transition to new space, and pursue their business strategy.  We've also helped business owners buy, sell, and rent their vacant space to other business owners. Understanding where we can help all parties succeed helps us add value to commercial transactions.  
Fox Real Estate Group, LLC; 706 Marsh Court, Eagan, Minnesota, 55123.  
Marty Olson, Broker | 612-865-6525 | foxregllc@gmail.com